Tiffany's Ass Hole Pushed In Deep


If unboxing videos are still a thing in the time you’re reading this, we think you might like our own version of it in We have Tiffany here on this in spotlight. This promotional intro starts with Tiffany slowly reveals everything what she can offer. Her big tits and shaved pussy is a thing of beauty. She shoves her tiny piece of clothing aside to be a fucking tease. Tiffany here knows how to be one for sure. But this is just all face value. What about her fucking abilities? Her reaches in regards with pleasing fat cocks? This is all here, don’t worry. Once she totally takes everything off, she walks naked across the yard to go to a room to get fucked. Erik is waiting there. We’re here to some good shit. Erik didn’t know how to waste time. He just started sucking on those big tits of Tiffany and starts rubbing her shaved pussy. Erik gets fixated on those tits for a while. He licks and playfully bites on those nips. He eventually moved on to her pussy and starts licking and finger fucking the shit out of it. After that, Erik is very keen on preserving his name Everhard. To keep it that way, he kindly asks Tiffany to suck it off and get her tits to pleasure the big guy. Tiffany complies with no sign of resistance. And now to the main course. Erik just carries Tiffany around to suit his sexual needs. He started with him sitting down and Tiffany riding his cock while facing the camera to give the viewers more reason to stay. Now, from this, Erik rotated from fucking her from behind or on her back and start in the beginning. If you think that this is it, you’re so wrong. Erik ups his game by fucking Tiffany’s cute ass. Anal gets the same treatment with her pussy before. He also keeps up his fixation on Tiffany’s giant tits at this point by making an effort to reach and suck on it every chance he gets. Erik puts an end to this madness by titty fucking Tiffany for the last time and unleashing his cum into Tiffany’s mouth.


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