Shelby Belle Can't Drink Enough Cum


Shelby Belle stars in another festival of dicks and her being the center of it all. When she came in, she was welcomed with three big dicks. So what did she do with it? Did she run away from it? Or did she even show a moment of hesitation? No. She did not. She kneels down and gagged on those cocks. She was so willing that she catered on those dicks simultaneously. She has a dick on each hand and one in her mouth or two dicks in her mouth and one on her hand, not necessarily in that order. She jacked and sucked on those big dicks like her life depended on it. She did it the most aggressive way she can and the men didn’t last long. They all dumped their affection to her in her mouth. It looked like a bottomless pit of cum. But the fun doesn’t end there. They invited her for round two. This time, it’s gonna be all the way, all the way her insides and some more. The men had a feast on her body. Those big, pierced tits is not gonna pleasure itself. Her shaved pussy and great ass is not gonna fuck itself either. They penetrated her ass, cunt and mouth simultaneously and just switched if one of the guys want to have a taste. None of her fuck holes were left idle. Shelby just flips over or carried so all the spots inside her get licked clean by their dicks. There is no sign of pain on her eyes. The double penetration is even giving her a favor. That maybe the way she likes it. When they were done with her, they made her beg for their essence again. Her mouth is a willing victim. They made a pool of cum again and she just swallowed it as easy as if she was only handing out candies.


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