Sarah Stone And Her Big Natural Boobs


Sarah Stone is outside near the pool, sunbathing. She is wearing a purple bra that strains to hold her amazingly gigantic tits. Her boobs are epically huge. They must weigh a lot. It’s pretty clear that they would not fit in one hand. The brunette slowly removes the thin straps from her shoulders and freed her gargantuan tits from the hold of the bra. They bounced and jiggled as she moved. They swung carelessly from her chest and when she jumps, they bounced like a pair of trapped rubber balls. Not wanting the sun to damage her huge, round and soft possession, she got a bottle of sunblock and squeezed out a large amount on her tits. She squeezed a few more times because the amount from the first squeeze was not enough to cover all of her boobs. She rubbed her breasts to spread the globs of sunblock and protect her big tits from being sun-damaged. She rubbed her nipples until they stood erect and pointy. Sarah moved her hands around and around her golden globes and is delighted when she starts to feel horny from all of that rubbing. Erik Everhard has had enough. He has been watching from the background and now he is horny as hell. He came around and stood behind Sarah. He reached around her and grasped her tits with his hands. She moaned and his pants suddenly became too tight for his cock. He walked to face her and promptly buried his face into her flesh sacks. Sarah liked that. They went inside the house to continue with their activities. Erik was cupping and squeezing her boobs and she is yowling in pleasure. He licked and sucked her nipples. He lapped at the skin surrounding it. Erik wants to just plant his face between the valley of her tits and stay there. Sarah went down on her knees and Erik brought out his big dick. He is already hard throbbing, the cockhead dripping with precum. Sarah licked the underside of the cock from root to tip and had Erik been an ordinary man, he would’ve cum right then and there. Sarah blew him for as long as she can and when she felt that Erik is almost at his peak she stopped. Erik made her turn around and get down on all fours. He positioned his cocks and rammed into her cunt, eliciting a pleased moan from Sarah. He fucked her doggy-style and then repositioned her to lie on her back without pulling his dick out. He continued to fuck her on her back, then sideways. Sarah decided that she wants to drive now and so she did. She sat on his lap, his dick up her pussy and she slammed her hips up and down his cock. Kudos to Erik Everhard’s stamina as he fucks Sarah Stone in more ways and position before finally cumming in her mouth.


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