Rayveness Anal And Chugging Cum


This thing of beauty called Rayveness visits her friends for a classy event. You might be thinking, “She literally just came to the house and just kneels down while FOUR guys just starts shoving their fat dicks against her face. What part of this is classy for you?” Well, let us explain. We understand that the scene lacks context but after a while, after she has done a great job alternatively sucking and jacking off those dicks, she made them cum in a wine glass. And she drank all of it like a Victorian cum whore. See? It’s classy. Rayveness is not a pushover to let this end in a mere ‘wine’ tasting. She deserves a whole course of cum-filled fine dining. She goes back for round two. Rayveness releases a statement saying she needs more cocks and cum in her body. This awesomely-named slut got what’s coming for her or rather, cumming on her. Those same guys go back for a second serving of Rayveness’ body and more. They made her suck their dicks again simultaneously for a proper segue into the main course. While she is being fucked sideways, two of the dudes get themselves by going over unused parts of her body. They rotate from fucking her mouth or jacked off by this MILF slut. One guy gets resourceful at some time of this by sucking on her toes then goes back on fighting over her mouth for some sucking. We can’t really spell gangbang without bang at the end. Rayveness skipped all the formalities in the start and asked the men to just cum straight into her mouth. They obliged and jacked off their big dicks for some dick milk for the lady. This playful MILF even have the confidence to play with it like a mouthwash.


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