Rachel Bush And Butt Fucked By Big Cock


Erik Everhard, Rachel


Erik Everhard’s face shows up as the video started. He turns the camera around capturing Rachel Bush who seems to have too much makeup on. She is sitting on the bed and is no longer wearing anything on top but still has her black lacy fitted pants on. Rachel stands up and shows off her voluptuous body to the camera. She clasps her big tits with both hands before turning around to bend down exposing her big ass. Erik Everhard, still wearing a white printed T-shirt, approaches and helps her take her pants off. He bites her butt cheeks before making her sit on the sofa, spreading her legs wide. He then dives into her pussy, licking and sucking her clit before thrusting his tongue inside her tight pussy. She moans with her eyes shut. Rachel’s pussy is now wet. Rachel Bush wants to return the favor so she excitedly kneels on the floor, facing Erik’s hardon. She sucks the top of his penis like a lollipop then sandwiches it in between her humongous breasts. She licks the tip of his cock as she squeezes her breasts, tightening their grasp on his dick. Rachel then takes his full-length member inside her mouth, giving him a blowjob until he is fucking hard. Erik Everhard sits on the couch as Rachel Bush hops on top of him, her back on his chest. She gently guides his big hard cock inside her ass hole, fucking in reverse cowgirl position. Erik wants to change sex position so he stands up without pulling his dick out, carrying Rachel as they fuck in standing position. Erik Everhard and Rachel Bush continue fucking in every sex position that they can think of. They started off with scoop me up followed by cowgirl position then missionary. She sucks his dick until he reaches his peak. Erik Everhard orgasms. He releases everything on Rachel Bush’s face.


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