Patricia Stretches Her Ass Wide Open


Patricia, Steve Holmes


Patricia stands in front of the bedroom door wearing a black sleeveless cropped top, black underwear, black and white patterned stockings and a pair of stilettos. She sits on the purple-covered bed and begins to pleasure herself, caressing her pussy. Steve Holmes shows up in front of the camera donning a yellow polo T-shirt and denim jeans. Steve sits on the bed as Patricia stands facing him. He slowly strips her clothes off, leaving only her necklace, stockings and stilettos on. Steve and Patricia down on the bed, her naked back on his fully-clothed chest. He massages her big tits and pinches her nipples with one hand while the other strokes her clit. As Steve inserts his middle finger inside her tight pussy, she closes her eyes and slightly moans. Steve brings his middle finger into her mouth. Patricia licks and sucks his finger, tasting herself. Steve Holmes then kneels on the floor, near the edge of the bed as Patricia lies down on the bed, spreading her legs wide, giving him more access to her pussy. Steve did not even hesitate. He devours her pussy, licking her clit and pussy walls. He slowly thrust his warm tongue inside her pussy, feeling her walls open up for him. Steve stops and strips his clothes off. He then brings his big hard cock near the entrance of her pussy, teasing her. Patricia, the impatient person that she is, rises and hurriedly grabs and puts his big dick inside her mouth. She deepthroats him until his cock is hard and ready to fuck. Steve lies down on the bed as Patricia hops on top of him, guiding his dick inside her wet and tight pussy. She fucks him hard in cowgirl position. He inserts a finger inside her ass hole as she rides him. Steve stands up as he guides her to lie down on the bed. He then inserts a finger into her butt hole before ramming his hard cock inside. She screams at the sensation but she loves anal so much to even complain. Steve Holmes and Patricia fuck in scoop me up to position then, later on, shift to reverse cowgirl and then finish off in doggy-style. Patricia sucks his big hard cock until Steve Holmes orgasms. He releases his cum inside her mouth and Patricia willingly swallows.


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