Nikki Double Penetration Beauty




Nikki walks in wearing baby blue lingerie. She completes her fashion with a pair of white stilettos. Her blonde hair and her milky white skin make her beauty stand out even more. She turns around and shows off her butt cheeks and butt hole, as if saying that no matter how small or big the cock is, her butt hole can take it. Nikki continuously teases the men and the audience who might be watching her as he slowly strips off her underwear. The moment that she is fully naked, Nikki sits down on the couch and spreads her legs wide apart. One naked man approaches and teases her by positioning his big cock just a few inches in the entrance of her pussy. The next scene cuts into Nikki kneeled on the floor in between two naked men with their big cocks hanging out. She deepthroats one cock after another until both of them are hard and ready for some sexy action. One of the men is sitting on the couch as Nikki hops on his lap. She gently thrusts his big hard cock into her asshole, riding it in the reverse cowgirl position. Another man joins in and slowly inserts his big hard cock inside her pussy, fucking her in the missionary postion. Nikki is definitely enjoying this and is getting turned on even more by simply being double penetrated by two big cocks. As both men are fucking her in the pussy and the asshole, one more man comes into the picture and puts his big hard cock inside her mouth. The three men are fucking her hard until she is moaning loudly. The three men and Nikki switch sex positions. She is now on top of one guy, his big hard dick is inside her wet and tight pussy and riding him hard in the cowgirl position. Another man is humping her from behind, his big hard dick inside her tight asshole. He fucks her in the doggy-style position. The third man’s dick is fucking her hard in the mouth. Two men then sandwiched Nikki while fucking in the standing position with one dick inside her pussy while the other in inside her asshole. The two men then take turns in fucking her mouth until both orgasm. They release their warm juices all over her face and mouth.


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