Missy Monroe Takes A Big Cock Up The Ass


Missy Monroe opens the scene with her big ass facing the camera as she lies on her stomach on the bed. She wears a two-piece bikini in moss green. She seductively looks into the camera as she slowly takes off her bikini bottom exposing both her pussy and asshole. She poses seductively, teasing anyone who is watching her before going back on the bed. The blonde beauty grabs a butt plug and inserts it into her asshole. She takes it in and out of her asshole a few times before finally pulling it out and putting it inside her mouth, licking whatever is in there. Manuel Ferrara shows up on camera and gets the butt plug from Missy. He thrusts it inside her butt hole once again. He brought another butt plug into her mouth. She licks and sucks it until it is lubricated. He then places it into her butthole, thrusting it in and out of her. Missy now sits on the bed, her big tits exposed. Her legs are spread wide apart waiting for Manuel to finish undressing for some rough anal sex. Manuel positions Missy on all fours and without any warning rams his big dick into her asshole. She screams both in surprise and pleasure. He humps her in the doggy-style position before changing sex positions and fucking her in the scoop me up position. Every thrust of his dick inside her butthole is driving her crazy. Manuel and Missy shift sex positions once again. But before fucking each other, she deepthroats his big cock until it turns hard again for some anal sex. This time around, Missy is on top of Manuel, riding his big hard cock in the cowgirl position. They then shift to the reverse cowgirl position without pulling out. Manuel Ferrara fucks her mouth until he orgasms. He releases his cum on her mouth. Missy Monroe swallows everything.


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