Missy Monroe and Tiana Lynn


Missy Monroe stands at the top of the flight of stairs wearing a purple lace underwear. Tianna Lyn, on the other hand, is on the lower end of the stairs, dressed in a black bikini. She bends down showing her petite ass cheeks to the camera. Missy heads down the stairs and kisses Tianna on the lips. Missy then licks Tianna’s clit before eating her pussy. Tianna returns the favor and eats Missy’s pussy before moving to a printed couch in the living room. Both ladies are still dressed. Missy and Tianna take turns eating each other’s pussy as Erik Everhard and John Strong arrive. Both are butt naked and ready to fuck. Tianna comfortably sits on the couch as she takes Erik’s full-length member inside her mouth. Missy, on the other hand, sits on the floor as she deepthroats John’s cock. The ladies strip their clothes off and the group sex begins. John sits on the couch as Tianna hops on top of him, gently guiding her hardon inside her wet and tight pussy. They fuck in cowgirl position. Erik, on the other hand, is standing on the edge of the couch with Missy sitting in between her legs. He puts his erection inside her mouth. Erik then puts Missy on the couch and lifts one of her legs up before thrusting his hard dick inside her pussy. The porn stars shift sex positions and begin interacting with each other. John lies down with his back on the couch. Missy hops on top of John and gently thrusts his dick inside her pussy. Erik approaches and rams his big hard cock into Missy’s butt hole. Tianna is turned on by simply watching the three people fuck each other. John Strong stands up without pulling his dick out from Missy’s pussy, her legs wrapped around his thighs. Erik Everhard slowly thrusts his big hard dick inside her asshole, humping her hard from behind. The men orgasm. Both men release their cum inside Tianna Lyn’s mouth. She kisses Missy Monroe on the lips, sharing the blessing.


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