Lucy Tiger No Holes Un-Fucked


Lucy Tiger enters the scene wearing a black one-piece swimsuit that barely covers her assets. Why? Because the clothing looks like a fishnet turned into a swimsuit. It hugs the body, yet did not cover any parts of it at all. She has a nice hot body though, so it doesn’t matter. She turns around and displays her plump ass, rubbing her hands all over it. She slapped it a few times before turning around and facing the camera once again. Lucy pulls the front of the swimsuit and exposed her breasts. They are round, firm and perky. She bends down as she slipped the rest of the swimsuit off her body and setting herself down on the couch. She lifted her legs off and held them into a “V” position. That position gives her better access to her pussy as she fingers herself. Lucy licks her fingers to lubricate it with her saliva before sticking it back down her cunt. A naked man joined Lucy on the screen and rammed his dick inside her cunt. Another naked man came in and took position at her head, claiming her throat. She sucked on that big dick like it’s the tastiest piece of hardened meat she ever hard. Lucy licked and lapped and nibbled on the appendage as if it would give her the meaning of life itself. The other man on her cunt pistoned in and out of her like a rocket ship. Every thrust hit her special spot and every time he rammed his huge cock in, it stimulates her clit and made her see lights. They stopped for a while to change their position. They made her sit on top. She lifted her hips and slammed back down on the cock and she felt marvelous! A cock up her cunt and two cocks in her hand… things couldn’t have been better for her. They continued to fuck her on all her holes and enjoyed every minute of it. She orgasmed a lot of times and she can feel the slick running down her thighs as they reposition her again and again for their own pleasure. They fucked her ass, mouth, and cunt well. That’s all she can ever ask her. Lucy Tiger’s pierced clit enjoyed the roughhousing very much and is now very sensitive to the touch. Lucy tried to suck as much cock as she can before they all came and drenched her body with their cock juice. Today is a good day.


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