Lauren Phoenix Double Stuffed and Served Hot Cum


Lauren Phoenix is heading down on a wooden chair. She is wearing sexy black lingerie and a pair of black stilettos. She strips herself off of her very little clothes and by the moment she reaches the last step, she in fully-naked. She proudly shows off her big ass and her pinkish pussy to the camera, teasing whoever is watching her. The next scene cuts into Lauren already kneeling on the floor, in between two guys, Erik Everhard and a friend whom he invited over to join the fun. With their dicks already out, Lauren takes one dick after another, giving them blowjobs until both are hard as fuck. The rough sex begins with the handsome Erik lying down on the floor. Lauren hops on top of him and slowly guides his big hard cock into her tight pussy. The other guy positions himself in front of her, his dick facing her beautiful face. Lauren rides Erik hard in the reverse cowgirl position as the other guy fucks her mouth. The three then move into the bed, putting Lauren on all fours. The other guy goes in front of her and guides her in deepthroating his full-length member as Erik goes behind him thrusting his big hard cock into her tight asshole. Erik humps her hard from behind as she sucks another dick. With both men almost reaching orgasm, the awesome threesome decides to aim for double penetration. Erik and his friend put Lauren on all fours. The two men thrust their big hard cocks inside her ass hole and then humping her from behind rhythmically. They continue fucking Lauren until both felt cum dripping from the tip of their big dicks. Erik Everhard and his friend orgasm. They release their warm juices insider her mouth. Lauren Phoenix happily swallows.


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