Lauren Phoenix and Melissa Lauren


It’s too hot but Lauren Phoenix is outside the house wearing a pair of pussy red bikini and a pair of stilettos. She stays out a while until her sweat is enough for lubrication. She goes back inside the house and walks into the bedroom where Melissa Lauren is tied to one of the bed frame posts. Melissa is dressed in a pair of black bikinis with matching black headband on her blonde hair. Lauren slowly unties the cloth on Melissa’s wrists while French kissing her. As Melissa’s hands become free, Lauren turns her around and inserts a butt plug into her butt hole, surprising Melissa. Lauren gently pulls the butt plug out of her ass hole and hands it to Melissa who excitedly licks the butt plug, tasting herself. Lauren Phoenix walks up to the door welcoming two hot guys inside the bedroom. The men, already butt naked, directly to head where Melissa Lauren is waiting. Melissa kneels on the floor as the men take turns in inserting their big cocks into her mouth. Lauren holds Melissa’s head making sure that she deepthroats both dicks. Lauren Phoenix now joins Melissa Lauren in giving the men blowjobs until both cocks are hard. Melissa is standing in front of the sofa with her upper body bent as a man who is standing behind her fucks her ass. Lauren, on the other hand, is on top of another man, his dick on her butt hole, fucking her in reverse cowgirl. Melissa reaches out for Lauren’s clit and strokes it with her fingers, adding more pleasure. The four decide to switch positions. This time around, they have sex in the same position. The men sit on the couch as the girls hop on their laps. Melissa and Lauren gently guide their big hard cocks inside their tight ass holes and rides them in cowgirl. As their rough anal sex continues, the porn stars become more interactive with each other. One man now lies on the couch with Melissa Lauren’s back on his chest. His big dick is inside her asshole. The other man stands at the edge of the sofa, with his hard cock inside her pussy. Lauren Phoenix stays on the side, watching. It is Lauren Phoenix’s turn to be fucked in both holes. The men prefer fucking in standing so they sandwich Lauren, her legs are wrapped around the man whose dick is inside her pussy. Another man is behind her humping her ass hole. Both men pull their dicks out at the same time, feeling that they are about to orgasm. Lauren Phoenix and Melissa Lauren both kneel on the floor sucking their cocks out until they release their cum to their mouth. Lauren Phoenix and Melissa Lauren both willingly swallow the men’s warm cum.


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