Katin The Cum Fiend


Katin is an aspiring adventurer or just lost in the treacherous desert. We’re not sure. The only thing we know is that it wouldn’t matter in few moments. After wandering for a while, Katin arrives at a seemingly nice oasis for her to rest in and ask for some water. She thought that it was just an old plain mansion that she can seek help from. Little did she know, there are numerous dicks waiting for her there. We are not talking about a dick personality-wise; we’re talking about the big fat cocks of five men wanting to help her in more ways she knew. They were really nice for them to help her but she didn’t know that she needs to help them get off in ways she can only do. They made Katin kneel on a porch and starts poking their dicks at her face. Her situation doesn’t look like it can be solve by forcing her way out. Well, she can get out the situation by using her mouth but not for talking. She now has the duty to help these men find their own oasis. She starts sucking them off simultaneously while the idle dicks are getting a handjob. After making those dicks satisfied, the guys gave her the water she’s asking but in a form of cum. They gave her the cum right in her mouth. They invited her inside to get to know her some more. The five guys took turns on fucking every fuckable hole and hand in her body. They made a rotation where one of them stuffs her asshole, other one gets the pussy, the other gets her mouth and the rest gets creative on how they can satisfy their dicks on her body. Needless to say, her body becomes worn out on all the double penetration or even double anal that happened. It was a glorious day for both of the parties. The men deposited all their gratitude to the lady in her mouth and she gracefully swallowed.


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