Kathy Anderson And Bibi Take Dick In Every Hole


Bibi, Kathy Andersen


Kathy Anderson and Bibi open the video already making out with each other, both of them are still wearing lacy underwear. Kathy trails her kisses from Bibi’s lips down to her neck until she reaches her big tits, licking and biting her nipples. Kathy continues trailing kisses down to Bibi’s butt cheeks. Kathy then strips Bibi off of her lingerie as she thrusts her finger inside Bibi’s tight pussy. Bibi, already pleasured, returns the favor and does the same gratifying things to Kathy Anderson. Bibi trails her kisses from her lips down to her neck until she reaches Kathy’s breasts, licking and biting her nipples until they harden. Bibi then heads down to her pussy, licking and biting Kathy’s clit and at the same time inserting a finger inside Kathy’s pussy. Both ladies are now wet and tight as two naked men approach them. Kathy and Bibi hurriedly kneel on the floor in front of the men, facing their big dicks. Without any hesitation, the girls each grab a dick. Kathy and Bibi lick the tip of the penises before giving the men a blowjob until they are both hard and ready to fuck. One man puts Kathy on her fours on the sofa before ramming his dick inside her wet and tight pussy. He fucks her in doggy-style while another man stands in front of Kathy, his big dick on her face. Kathy takes his full-length member into her mouth as Bibi talks dirty to her. Bibi is also now on her fours facing Kathy Anderson, who is still getting fucked from behind. Bibi gasps in surprise as the man behind her thrusts his big dick inside her wet and tight pussy without any warning. But she likes it. The group sex continues on. This time around, they fuck each other in different sex positions. Kathy Anderson and her sex partner are fucking in the cowgirl position while Bibi and her man are doing it in scoop me up. When Kathy Anderson and her partner switch to reverse cowgirl, Bibi and her guy are fucking while standing, her legs wrapped around his thighs. The porn stars continue on with their orgy. One man is lying with his back on the couch while Kathy Anderson is on top of him in reverse cowgirl. Bibi kneels on the floor, facing Kathy’s pussy, as she fingers Kathy’s clit. The other man is behind Bibi, humping her from behind. Everyone is undeniably excited as they feel that all of them are about to reach their peak. One man lies down on the couch as Bibi hops on top of him, gently thrusting his big dick inside her ass hole. Another man slowly inserts his big dick inside Bibi’s pussy. Bibi lightly moans. Having two dicks inside her is too pleasurable. Kathy Anderson is on the side, sucking and biting Bibi’s nipples. Both men are about to come that they pull their dicks out. Kathy Anderson and Bibi are kneeling on the floor and suck on each of their man's cock until both orgasm. They release their warm cum all over the girls’ faces.


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