Julie Silver Bombshell Blonde Gets All Holes Stuffed


One question— how do you distinguish a normal beauty from a ‘bombshell’? We had a hard time putting it in words since people have broad likes and dislikes. So as a reference, we have Julie Silver here volunteer to be used and abused (with consent, of course) by Erik Everhard and Steve Holmes. Scene starts with Julie coming in the room to show off her big tits and nice ass. She shows everything she has to offer on face value. Her skills get its time to be known in a minute. When Julie has no piece of clothing left on her body, she comes over to the couch where Erik just waits there with his dick ready to be ride on. Since Erik already puts his heart and dick out, Julie just sits on his dick like it’s the most natural thing to do in the world. But of course, Julie had to do it using her asshole without any introduction or whatever. She eventually gets off of it and sucks that dick. This cues Steve and the camera guy to pull their dicks out and join the fun. Julie took turns on sucking on those three dicks and jacking off whoever gets left out. After some time, they all get to position and do what they do best. Steve sits down and Julie bends over to suck him off. Erik gets the booty duty since she’s already bent over. One random guy enters the scene at some point and this is where the madness starts. If that singer says that she wrote that certain song that says “it’s raining men!” is talking about this kind of experience, we wouldn’t doubt it one bit. It was a festival of fat cocks for Julie. Two guys do a double penetration and one guy is trying so hard to reach the back of her throat using his cock. They did this for a while and just flip this poor girl over to change views. At one point, Erik and Steve just carried Julie and starts impaling two of her holes from below. As things should be, things will end. Julie Silver kneels down and let them dump their cum into her mouth.


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