Jessica Fiorentino's Pussy and Butthole Rammed Hard


Jessica Florentino comes in wearing tight black corset lingerie with pink trimmings. She looks so hot and the color she’s wearing is making her complexion shine. Her dark hair reaches just past her shoulders and her make-up is on point. She shows off her ass runs her hand along the curves of her body. She wished for someone to play with her ass and cunt to make her feel good. The answer to her prayers came in the form of a well-built male – two of them. One knelt behind Jessica and hoisted her ass to doggy style position and the other started licking her hole through her panties. A shiver went through her and she pushed her panties aside to let his tongue finally reach her flesh. Jessica used her hands to spread her butt cheeks, giving the man better access to her hole. He licks her crack and tongued her pussy, making her moan and groan in pleasure. He inserts a finger into Jessica’s hole. She gasped and arched her back in response. He began adding more fingers, stretching her ass, preparing her for what comes next. Jessica writhed and moaned as her ass got played with. They made Jessica kneel down and she took turns swallowing their cocks and giving them mind-blowing blowjobs. She is good at what she does. Soon, her hole was wide enough to accommodate all of his four fingers. Jessica felt so full and so stretched, her head swam in ecstasy. He stood up and made her lick his digit, so she did. She tasted herself on his fingers and that turned her on. He turned his attention back to Jessica’s asshole again, this time he used a buttplug to further stretch her asshole. Jessica licked and sucked on the buttplug in an attempt to lubricate it before sticking it up her ass. Soon the man is finally satisfied that Jessica’s ass is fully stretch and can be safely explored. He pulled out his massive dick and without hesitation, thrusts his whole length up Jessica’s asshole. She gasped at the sensation of being filled and she almost came as he pulled out slowly before driving back in, hard. He keeps pumping her ass until he is about to cum and just before he can shoot his load, he pulls out. He knelt down and inspected Jessica’s gaping asshole. Satisfied with what he sees, he stood back up and led Jessica to a nearby bed. He pushed her down on it and held her legs wide open. He guided his length to her ass and plunge in. Jessica moaned and whimpered into the sheets as he fucks her. Her hand found her clit and rubbed it in tandem with his thrust. By this time, her ass is so stretched that he easily inserts his fist up her ass. After fisting her, he placed his hands in front of her face and Jessica greedily sucked at his digits, tasting herself. They are not done yet. After he totally pumped her ass till it gape, Jessica knelt and took his cock by her mouth. She felt it hit the back of her throat, yet she still kept going until she got all of him in her mouth. She expertly swirled her tongue and licked the tip. A few more moments and he is cumming on her face, she gladly accepted his cum and turned around to show off her gape ass. Today is a good day for fucking and she’s glad she’s the one getting fucked.


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