Jennifer Luv Loves To Swallow Cum


Jennifer Luv’s initial description here is “cum loving mega whore”. Extremely catch name if you ask us. But this is kind of a feat. Can she live up to that? Okay then. Let’s take a gander, shall we? First off, she shows off her body, especially her cunt and tits. Really normal until the part after this. She was giving the guy holding the camera a head when two guys with their dicks standing tall emerges from both sides. She is literally being cornered by cocks. Some may see that terrifying but Jennifer her is a mega whore so it’s more of a typical afternoon tea time for her. With her gentle eyes looking at the camera for some eye contact, she sucked off the fat dicks into cumming and made them dump their first round of cum into her mouth. But this is not conclusive to call her cum loving mega whore. We need more proof. So we move on to the next part. Jennifer now uses her coochie to woo one of the guys into fucking her and it worked. She gets a solo fucking moment. She’s on her back and gets on top until one of the guys enter the arena. The first guy taps out and the other put her in her place on all fours and starts fucking her from behind while pulling her hair. A good old consensual power fucking. This system goes on with the three guys. They just tap out to cycle through the fucking. It’s quite hilarious because one of the dudes looks like a famous wrestler with his bandana and facial hair. Once her Latina shaved pussy and the three fat dicks reached their peak, the dudes unload their white, milky affection into her mouth in an orderly fashion. Last thing she did is lick her fingers like she just ate some wings. At this point, Jennifer has now lived up to the name she was initially given— Cum Loving Mega Whore. Sounds like she’s part of some franchise.


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