Harmony Rose Blonde Cum Dumpster


Harmony Rose, John Strong


This particular blonde slut just starts pulling aside her panties and starts seducing people watching. She has no regard on anything. Just straight up teasing people around. Harmony Rose stars in another teasing act give a huge dick a little bit of good time. She wears a black corset, thong and fishnet stockings. She sits on the stairs and starts removing her heels and stockings. Bending over the staircase, she exposed her shaved pussy, eager for someone to fuck it senseless. Harmony enters a room and sits on the couch. She plays with herself by fingering her pussy and licking her nipples. She really longs for a cock going inside her pussy and to grant her wish, John Strong goes to Harmony, all naked, cock fully erect. Seemingly starved, Harmony kneels and just sucks it off like a typical 9-5 day job. Of course, that enthusiasm doesn’t go unrewarded. John here made her gag as a form of commendation. It didn’t take Harmony a while to invite the big dick into her tight pussy. John is not familiar with being gentle at all. He went at it hard from the start. It was so intense that Harmony’s tiny piece of clothing just naturally comes off. Harmony has some great big tits and ass that simply seeing it, John gains a large amount of big dick energy. Though, John came halfway through, he made sure that he can keep going. After cumming into her mouth, which she swallowed willingly, he keeps up the same energy of fucking her all throughout. In fact, he went at it a little rougher than before. He forcefully shoves his whole dick into the back of her throat and let her gag on it. At that same position, he was in the best angle to ask some rimming from Harmony. She did do it and no complaints are heard at this point. Only smiles and moans from Harmony. After that whole ordeal is over, they made sure Harmony will stay true to her name. Not the Harmony or the Rose part. She has this other name - cum dumpster. That name will give you a clue where he dumped all his cum after that hard fucking. She just simply loves to swallow!


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