Gianna Michaels Interracial Love


Gianna Michaels walks into the frame wearing nothing but a pair of purple bra with matching underwear. She playfully strokes down her body, giving ample emphasis on her ass and breasts. Slowly, she removes her bra and displayed her boobs out in the open. Her boobs bounced and swayed every time she moved. She toyed with her breasts; squeezing and pinching her nipples until they are hard and aching. She sat on the pool chair and keep on fondling her breasts. When she got tired of that, she moved her hand down to her pussy and started rubbing her pussy. She moaned in pleasure and added another finger into her pussy. A pair of arms belonging to a black male emerges from behind her and started rubbing her nipples and fondling her breasts. He comes forward and leans in for better access. Sean Michael is topless and looking rad in his jeans and sunglasses plus a hat. They went inside for privacy and refuge from the burning sun. He continued to play with her massive breasts. He sucked on the nipples and pinched the wobbly flesh. He licked broad stripe down her chest and continued fondling Gianna’s breasts. From her breasts, Sean’s hand slowly makes it down to her thighs then all the way down to her pussy. She spreads her legs wide, giving him more access, as he caresses her clitoris and the walls of her almost wet pussy. She feels hornier and hornier with every flick of his tongue. Gianna lays down the cream colored sofa and Sean positioned himself on the edge. She spreads her legs and Sean tongue fucks her, till she is wet and creaming. He moves back and forth between her pussy and her breasts, giving her intense pleasure. Gianna cupped her breasts and Sean thrust his dick between the soft mounds. She firmly held them together as he slips his dick between them, making tiny moans as he pulls in and out She could no longer control herself as she unexpectedly bends over facing his still fully-covered cock. She unzips his pants. As his big dick sprang free, she deepthroats him without any hesitation. She is definitely excited to get fucked today. Sean stops her, pushes her to lie down on the sofa, and starts eating her pussy as he takes his pants off. He then turns her on her side, her back facing him, as he enters her wet and tight pussy, He kisses her on the lips as he thrusts his dick in and out of her and at the same time, he rubs her clit with his fingers. She couldn’t focus on a thing. The sensation that he was giving her was just too much. With him bare naked now, Sean enters her pussy again as they face each other. He shifts her to another position wherein her back is facing his chest, without pulling his dick out. She loves this position as she wildly rides him, the moment she was on top of him. He then changes position again. She’s now facing the sofa, knees bent and arms stretched to support her weight as he humps her hard from behind. The sound of their skin slapping is music to her ears. Sean made Gianna suck his dick again. She licks the tip before swallowing his entire length. She deep throated him, fearlessly and hollowed out her cheeks, for better suction. Sean almost passes out by the goodness of his situation.


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