Ellen Saint Double Penetrated and Wrecked


Ellen Saint


Ellen Saint opens the scene in her sexy baby pink lingerie holding a tobacco in her hard. She looks straight into the camera as she smokes. She then grabs a glass of wine, drinks it and pours some into her tits. She trails her hand down from her breasts to her stomach until she reaches her pussy. She fingers her own pussy and brings the finger to her mouth, tasting herself. Ellen strips off her clothes one by one and by the time that she’s fully naked two hot men approached. She’s on all fours with one man in front of her and another behind her. She sucks the big dick in front of her as the one behind her eats her pussy before thrusting his big hard cock inside her pussy. The man whose dick is inside her pussy lies down on the sofa while another inserts his big hard cock into her asshole. The two men fucked her hard until they decide to switch sex positions. All three are now standing. She is sandwiched between the two guys. Just like earlier, one dick is inside her pussy while the other cock is inside her asshole. The hot guys fucked her in the standing position, driving her crazy. The next scene cuts into the three porn stars back on the sofa. One man is sitting on the sofa as Ellen deepthroats his big cock as she bends lower. The other man humps her from behind, fucking her in the doggy style until he orgasms. Both men orgasm. One releases his warm cum all over her face while the other lets go all over her back and butt cheeks. Ellen Saint smiles brightly at the camera as she lies on her stomach on the bed, happy that her fantasy has finally become a reality.


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