Cris Taliana Fucked Hard and Tossed Around


Cris Taliana


Remember when Five Guys was just a restaurant? This time, its five guys making Cris Taliana choke on their big dicks. This asian cum slut is ready for some hard pounding times five. Cris is going to some group sex trip she might be having hard time to forget for years to come. The guys didn’t waste any time at all. Cris’ intro into the fuckfest is a good old dick sucking to introduce her to the rest of the gang. She starts off with two of them and double in numbers after the previous ones just deposited their cum into her mouth. Her current limit at this point is two guys. But don’t worry; it’ll double in number in few moments. This oriental beauty has a lot of heart to handle five guys at once. They took turns on using her mouth as temporary fuck hole before the real thing. Cris even has the time to wink and smile at the camera while the dicks are poking her face. You’ll never really know someone until you put them in some kind of situation. The guys liked her so much that they invited her for a third round. But this time, they’re not only using her mouth. They took turns on who’s going to fuck her mouth and pussy. Most of the time, it’s done simultaneously. Cris can’t help but moan and scream in pleasure at some point. She got so into doing this that she forgot that there are two dicks waiting to be sucked in front of her. There are five guys and only one of Cris. It’s amazing how she made it work. She’s that skillful to make these guys cum in different times. One thing is the only consistent thing that happened here— they made sure to dump all their cum into her mouth.


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