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Claudia Rossi


So, you and the boys are having a little game of pool and a random naked chick comes over interrupting your game. What do you do to this rude ass bitch to put her in her place? . That’s right— fucks the living shit out of her with the guys at the same time. At the start, Claudia Rossi walks around and sits on the couch to seduce the guys in the room. They were ignoring her from the start but one guy steps up and give this wench’s ass a fucking lesson. Literally, a fucking lesson. The guy grabs one of the pool sticks and starts inserting the long ass stick in her, well, her ass. Claudia occasionally lubricates the poor stick with her mouth. After enough ‘foreplay’, they same guy starts giving her the real thing. He proceeds to eat her ass and cunt until he’s satisfied. Eventually, he pulls out his fat dick to penetrate this brunette’s nice ass. That same monstrous dick was embedded into Claudia’s mouth and throat at some point. Claudia gives her commendation by display of overflowing spit in her mouth while taking it in and making gagging noises. The other guy maybe heard these pleasing noises and casually walks in naked and starts poking their dicks in her face. Claudia made a great job juggling three dicks for their satisfaction. But that is not end of it. One guy sits down to ask Claudia to sit on his dick. She agreed and takes all of that with her ass. The two other guys took turns who gets the mouth-fucking duty and double penetration. Their friendship still shine brightly even in destroying this chick’s ass, pussy and dignity using their fat dicks. As other things in the world, there is a proper order to things. Natural order, per se. Applying this same concept on this three-dicked fuckfest, they showered their murky cum into Claudia’s pretty face.


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