Claudia Rossi and Veronika


Blonde haired Veronika was already naked when the camera turned on to film them. Claudia Rossi followed afterward, naked as well. Claudia Sucked on Veronika’s nipples and she licked and tongued them until they are red and swollen and very tender to the touch. Veronika lies down and Claudia climbs on top of her. Then she slips down until she is now faced with Veronika's pussy. Claudia takes control of the situation and makes her lie down. She then hops on top of her with her face on his pussy. She inserts his tongue inside her wet and tight pussy as she spreads her legs wide. As she licked and tongued Veronika’s pussy, a man came in and joined the fray. He was already naked and hard. He plunged his length into Claudia and it almost broke her mind. He thrusts at a pace he hits the right spot yet not enough pressure. So Claudia arched her back and attempts to deepen his thrusts by pushing her ass back as he thrust forward. Soon he pulled out and Claudia let him pull her down and opened her mouth to accept his cock into her mouth. He pushed past her gag reflex effectively gagging her. She whimpered and moaned around his length. Soon another man joined them and immediately started fucking Veronika. Both girls are being fucked and it feels great for them! They sucked and fucked and just let their desires win every time. Their holes are stretched and cum dripped down their thighs. They’ve tried almost all sex position wanting the cocks to hit the right spot. At some point, there are two cocks inside Claudia, one in her ass, one in her pussy. She could feel them sliding and slicking up her walls with cum. By the end of this gang bang session, everyone was drenched with sweat, cum, and satisfaction.


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