Chiquita Lopez And Jennifer Luv Anal Threesome With Latina Maids


Chiquita Lopez is dressed as a maid. She dons a black and white maid uniform with a white headband on her hair. She completes her outfit with a pair of knee-high white stockings. She is currently cleaning the staircase handle with a white rag in her right hand. She then heads to the living room where a man, John Strong is currently lounging and reading a book on the gray sofa. He wears a gray T-shirt and a pair of light denim jeans. Chiquita kneels on the tiled floor as she removes his socks. She palms his foot and sucks his toes. Jennifer Luv, on the other hand, is already masturbating by herself in the bedroom. She still has clothes on though. She wears a pair of black lacy underwear with a floral robe on. She completes her outfit with a pair of black stilettos. She heads out and walks into Chiquita and John. They still haven’t done anything kinky in particular. Jennifer and Chiquita start making out with each other as John watches. The two girls join John in the gray couch. He reaches out and touches Chiquita’s shaved pussy. His hand trails up from her pussy to small tits. The group sex begins with the three of them helping each other take off their clothes. The ladies hurriedly unbuckles his belt and unzips his pants. He then lies in on the couch as the girls take turns in sucking his big dick. Then Jennifer hops on top of him, gently inserts his dick inside her pussy and rides him in reverse cowgirl. Chiquita then takes her turn. She hops on top of him, slowly thrusts his dick inside her wet pussy and fucks him hard in cowgirl as Jennifer strokes her pussy. The three porn stars fuck in several positions until John Strong orgasms. He releases his cum inside Jennifer Luv’s mouth. She then passes some of it on Chiquita Lopez. All three are satisfied with the sexy time.


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