Brianna Blaze Get's Dicked Down In All Holes


There are some needs that you didn’t know you needed. Like Brianna Blaze here. She’s all smiles and such but underneath those smile, she looks like she needed some five way multiple dicking. If it’s wrong, either way, Brianna’s gonna get it. It started with a light and casual conversation with Brianna and the camera guy. Conversation turned to questions and questions turned to an action. Brianna starts dressing down and showing her nice tits and ass. She sits down and started a show and tell on her pussy. Her fingers slowly go around her cunt and went deep at some point to start this off nicely. It may be abrupt but in the next few moments, Brianna is down on her knees and sucking off four dicks alternately. There’s so little of her to go around but somehow, she made it work. Handjobs and blowjobs was thrown around and after a while, the guys get’s to their peak and made Brianna their dispose for their cum. They fell in line and took turns on dumping their seed into Brianna’s mouth. Next scene features the same people but this time, more holes are involved. Brianna’s ass and cunt gets to be acquainted with their big dicks. The guys were nice enough to share and take turns on fully utilizing this slut’s every fuckable orifice. While Brianna’s pussy gets wrecked, the other guys took turns on face fucking Brianna. They upped the ante for a bit when they did her some gentle fucking that goes by the name of double penetration. The guys were so keen on getting off using Brianna. They flipped her over and dragged her in various positions to accommodate their dick’s needs until they once again lined up and dumped their seed into Brianna’s mouth. Being a grateful slut she is, Brianna swallowed every drop like a good girl.


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