Avy and Katja are Cum Starved Anal Whores


Avy Lee Roth and Katja Kassin knock on a random man's home, looking for a job. They'll accept anything, cleaning a garden included. The man can't say no to both women who look damn sexy in their attire. He shows them the garden and they start cleaning up the mess. Cleaning makes them bend over, exposing their great ass in the process. They're complaining about their task, saying it isn't a job for girls. Thirsty and tired, they knock on the door yet again but this time, to ask for something to drink. Once the man opens the door for the ladies, he offers them water or cock juice. Avy and Katja are not scared by this little tactic of the man. To a surprise, they even knelt on the floor and sucked the living shit out of that dick. He only wanted his dick sucked and maybe some pussy fucking but those whores are not small time whores either. They allowed him to fuck their asses and then some. It might not be the holidays at this time but he actually received a gift from the heavens. Avy and Katja are nasty little whores who pushed the man to his limits. They made him work for it. As he was fucking Avy’s ass sideways, Katja goes around licking everything nasty in the immediate vicinity. She goes around licking Avy’s pussy or her toes. This nasty whore gets her turn eventually. Avy does the same with her. They failed to understand the man has his limits. Their enthusiasm made him look like he’s not enough for them. He was trying so hard to give them what they deserved. He mainly fixated on their asses as theirs were so inviting. The one left out made sure that everything works like a well-oiled machine or in this case, well-lubricated assholes. Rimming is the best way to do it for them. This threesome didn’t end in any kind of disappointment. He showered them with his cum the way the liked it. These nasty whores played around with the cum while kissing. What’s not to like?


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