Anna Nicova is a Blonde Anal Queen


A man wearing a black shows up on camera as the video begins. He is knocking on the door. Anna Nicova welcomes into her place wearing a white long-sleeved fishnet top and denim skirt. She seductively smiles and poses for the camera, in the hallway, before turning around and lifting her skirt up exposing her big bare ass cheeks. Another man wearing nothing else but a beanie arrives. Anna is still in the hallway but she didn’t even think twice as she excitedly kneels on the floor taking the beanie guy’s full-length member into her mouth. She gives him a blowjob until he reaches his peak. He orgasms and aims for her face to release her cum to. Anna happily swallows knowing she successfully made someone orgasm before he can even be inside her house. Anna Nicova sexily walks back to her place, slowly stripping her clothes. She takes off one after another that the moment she gets inside, she is butt naked. The men, who are now also naked, welcome her by massaging her big tits and at the same time, pinching and rubbing her nipples until they are hard as fuck. The next scene cuts into the three people fucking on a white-covered couch. One man masturbates as he watches Anna fucks the other guy in the reverse cowgirl position. A third guy joins them. He puts his big dick inside her mouth, making her deepthroat him. From your POV, it can be seen as the four porn stars switch sex positions, still on the couch. Anna is still on top of one guy, his dick inside her wet and tight pussy, fucking in the cowgirl position. Another man kneels in front of her as he fucks her mouth. The third man, on the other hand, stands beside her and gently thrusts his big hard cock into her ass hole. The three men fuck her in all her holes until all of them reach her peak. As they orgasm, they release their warm juices inside her mouth. Anna Nicova happily shows the amount of cum that she collected from the three hot guys.


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