Anastasia and Maria




Anastasia and Maria are both wearing a pair of sexy lingerie, one in maroon and the other one in black. They are also both wearing a pair of stilettos. They are seated on a plaid-patterned sofa. The blonde beauties start making out with each other. Anastasia begins by pushing the other girl’s bra. She then touches her breasts that slowly leads to sucking her nipples. Maria returns the favor as she unhooks the other’s bra and gently massages one of her big tits. With both of them now wearing nothing on top, the two become very horny that they start sucking each other’s tits. A blonde man suddenly joins their sexy time. The two ladies, still wearing their panties are on their knees with both of their upper bodies on the sofa’s headrest. The man dressed in a black T-shirt chooses one girl and eats her pussy. As he eats one’s pussy, the other girl masturbates by herself. With the both of them already horny, the two ladies decide to stop and stand up. The man also stands up showing his big hard dick. They take turns in giving him a blowjob. They lick and suck his cock at the same time making it harder than it already is. Anastasia decides to titty-fuck his cock. She puts his cock in between her breasts and pushes them up. Her big tits end up wrapping tightly around his cock. Maria now sits down on the couch and spreads her legs as the man thrusts his dick inside her pussy. He fucks him hard as Anastasia licks and sucks her nipples. It’s Anastasia’s turn to get her pussy fucked. So, she lies down with her back on the couch as he inserts his dick into her wet and tight pussy. He fucks her as Maria suck her big tits. The man then puts her on fours and rams into her without giving her any warning. They fuck in doggy-style until he switches to cowgirl position hitting her G-spot. It drives her crazy that she takes control of the situation and rides his dick unstoppably. As the man reaches his peak, he pulls his dick out. He lets the two take turns into sucking his big cock until he orgasms. He spreads his warm juices into Anastasia and Maria’s opened-wide mouth.


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