Aj Applegate Big Booty Blonde


Camera captures a nice pair of legs. It then moves up to show a great ass, one great shaking ass for that matter. The blonde walks away from the camera in a sexy, seductive manner. Aj Applegate faces the camera and showcases her gorgeous body. She says she didn’t have sex for a while and is craving for a cock. She walks towards a chair and bends over to show her ass. She sits with her legs wide open, her shaved pussy demanding attention. She unzips her one-piece suit slowly until just above her clit. She sucks her fingers then uses them to moisten her nipples. The man behind the camera tells her to go in the house and find his friend and his boner. Aj find Erik sitting on the couch, reading a magazine. She greeted him and instantly, he threw the magazine elsewhere and started licking Aj’s great ass. He takes off her little coverage then buries his face in her pussy. He takes her little clothing off her and made her spread her legs on the couch before giving her pussy a good licking. Aj pushes his head further while moaning. Erik stands and takes his pants off. His big dick stands up to his last name, Everhard. Aj sucks it and takes it down her throat. Erik who is now completely naked lies down on the couch and pulls Aj on top of him. His big dick enters her pussy while his hands are on her ass. Aj gives his shaft another blowjob before moving on top of him in a reverse cowgirl position. Erik makes her bend over the couch and fucks her from behind. He eats her pussy once more then goes back to entering her shaved pussy. They just can’t get enough of each other. Aj welcomes Erik’s cum in her mouth, plays with it a little before swallowing.


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