Kathy Andersen Is Down To Be Fucked Hard

Models: Kathy Andersen

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Kathy Andersen is in the room wearing a black night gown. Under it, she has a black G-string on. She turns her back on the camera as she takes her gown off and pushes her the string to the side. She inserts two fingers into her asshole and as she pulls them out, licks whatever is on her fingers with her tongue. She then lies on the bed, spreads her legs and thrusts fingers into her tight pussy. She also licks the juices off her fingers. The next scene cuts with Kathy already kneeling on the floor. In front of her are three big cocks which she takes into her mouth one after another. She does the same thing for every huge dick. She sucks the tip of the penis first, takes the full-length member into her mouth and deep throats until all of them are hard and ready to fuck. Kathy is now riding one big hard cock in the reverse cowgirl position while two other hard dicks take turns in fucking her mouth. As she continues to ride someone’s dick, one fucks her mouth while the other either eats her boobs and nipples or simply massages them. During the next scene, Kathy is still lying on top of a guy whose hard on is inside her asshole. Another cock is fucking her pussy while the other is on her mouth. She is getting fucked on all her holes at the same time that she doesn’t know where to concentrate. But the sexual action is still pleasurable to her. The porn stars switch to the cowgirl position without pulling the dicks out from her holes. They keep fucking her until all three men are almost at their peak. The three hot men orgasm as Kathy gives them blowjobs one after the other. They release their cums inside her mouth. Kathy Andersen willing swallows.

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