Kathy Andersen

About Kathy Andersen:

Kathy Anderson is a sexy blonde woman. Her classy look is just that, a look. When this sexy bombshell goes off if you're around be prepared to fuck. She is like the Tasmanian devil of cock and will suck and fuck anything that gets in her path. Kathy is tall and keeps herself pretty fit to be able to fuck in every and any position with no hesitation.<br/><br/>Kathy was born on January 14th, 1979, she is a euro babe and comes from Praha in the Czech Republic, it now makes sense why Kathy’s appetite for sex is so high and is down for anything and everything. She stands at 5 feet and 8 inches, weighs 125 pounds and measures 36C-28-39. Everything you see on Kathy is natural and you should grovel at her feet.<br/><br/>Make sure to check out her scenes at PervertGallery.com!<br/>

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Kathy Andersen

Scenes with Kathy Andersen:
Models: Kathy Andersen
25 minutes
Models: Kathy Andersen, Bibi
46 minutes